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Doctors save lives, N.Y. Times Bestseller Martin Yate makes them worth living

His career help books will change your life forever. His 17 career books, published in over 100 editions unfold an approach to successful career management have been as the “gold standard” for success in a cutthroat professional world.

With actionable advice on every page, the Knock Em Dead books unfold a new approach to career management that replaces mindless, unrewarded loyalty to employers with a focus on your personal survival and success and dedicated to helping you get what you deserve out of life.

Martin’s Expertise Has Helped Place People In These Top Companies

Job Placements

Knock Em Dead

Knock em Dead Resumes

This renowned classic is packed with practical career and resume advice on every page, plus over 100 resume examples.

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Knock Em Dead
Cover Letters

Knock em Dead Cover Letters

New edition of the classic for writing cover letters, plus over 120 examples for every job search situation.

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The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2016

Knock em Dead Ultimate Job Search Guide 2016

Time tested and updated every year, this is the global gold standard for job search in today’s world.

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Knock Em Dead
Job Interview

Knock em Dead Job Interview

Success in life starts with job opportunity and learning how to turn job interviews into job offers delivers it.

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Knock Em Dead
Social Networking

Knock Em Dead Social Networking

How to build relevant social networks for job search and long term career success.

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Knock Em Dead Resume Templates

Knock Em Dead Resume Templates

Latest edition of the classic resume book plus 110 Microsoft Word resume templates.

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Knock Em Dead
Letter Templates

Knock Em Dead Job Search Letter Templates

The 11th edition of the classic letters book plus 120 MS Word letter templates.

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Knock Em Dead
Hiring The Best

Knock em Dead Hiring The Best

Managers get work done through others, learn How to hire and manage successfully.

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Reader Reviews

We’ve been doing this for a really long time, so naturally people talk

Management Recruiter

Thousands of candidates have thanked me for referring them to the Knock Em Dead series.

Senior Project Manager

As someone who has personally succeeded due to Mr. Yates’ guidance on four occasions, I personally recommend his books.

Insurance Professional

Martin is the expert’s expert in his field. No one that has the depth of understanding of how to approach a job search like Martin. I highly recommend him.

Career Management Author

Martin Yate was instrumental in creating the contemporary career and employment industry as we know it. His books are the benchmark that we strive to meet.‬